20+ Vegan Female Bodybuilders That Will Inspire You

Female vegan bodybuilder

Vegan bodybuilding truly is becoming increasingly popular, particularly among women. Bodybuilding and veganism may seem like an unlikely combination, but more and more women are becoming a female vegan bodybuilder. They are proving that a plant-based diet can fuel muscle growth and strength.

In this article, we’ll show you some amazing vegan female bodybuilders. These powerful, inspiring women are living a vegan diet and sculpting the bodies of their dreams while remaining true to their lifestyle, as well as keeping women health in mind. Despite the doubts about plant-based proteins being sufficient to fuel workouts, female vegan bodybuilders are demonstrating that protein, health, and strength can coexist within a vegan lifestyle.

It’s not simple, but when these incredible athletes tackle some of the most difficult workouts and compete in major events like the Ms. Olympia, it’s evident that there’s no limit to what can be accomplished with a strict plant-based diet and significant dedication. Let’s get right into it.

1. Bianca Taylor

Bianca Taylor female vegan bodybuilder

Bianca Taylor (@biancataylorm) is a vegan female bodybuilder and fitness enthusiast who is devoted to promoting health and physical fitness. She feels that eating well isn’t the sole key to living a healthy lifestyle; keeping your body physically fit and able to tolerate activities like exercise is also crucial. Her love of fitness leads her to motivate and inspire other athletes to reach their full potential via bodybuilding.

Bianca Taylor offers resources such as vegan diet plans, dietary guidance, and nutritional information to assist people on their road to healthier eating and living. She also often publishes videos of her bodybuilding routines, which include a variety of exercises such as calisthenics, yoga, and exercises to lift weights. Ultimately, Bianca Taylor wants everyone to appreciate the benefits of leading an active lifestyle.

2. Vanessa Espinoza

Vanessa Espinoza vegan female bodybuilder

Vanessa Espinoza @plantbasedmuscle is a pro in the realm of vegan fitness since she is a pro vegan bodybuilder who has worked for years to promote women’s health and fitness. She accomplishes this through her coaching business and by promoting plant-based diets as a means of not just achieving peak performance, but also of achieving optimal health.

Although protein is often regarded as the foundation of any workout regimen, Vanessa frequently emphasizes the significance of obtaining protein from plant-based sources wherever possible. By creating healthy recipes that are full of protein to fit various needs, she helps vegans everywhere get their much-needed nutrition into their diets.

Vanessa Espinoza, a woman who improves women’s health every day by teaching them about the benefits of eating healthier not just for themselves but for their complete well-being.

3. Koya Webb

Koya Webb (@koyawebb) is a world-renowned health and wellness coach who is on a mission to inspire, educate, and encourage people to fall in love with properly nourishing themselves. Koya has dedicated her life philosophy and teachings to assisting others in discovering their own path to health, balance, and self-care. She motivates people to create a healthy connection with diet, exercise, bodybuilding, and vegan muscle.

Koya is a vegan who regularly promotes nutrient-dense eating while emphasizing the significance of protein powder as part of a healthy lifestyle. Her unique method provides others with the tools they need to cultivate a body of vibrant health through sensible eating habits. Koya is dedicated to her objective of educating people on how to make good food choices that maximize natural energy and vitality.

4. Dani Taylor

Dani Taylor female vegan bodybuilder

Dani Taylor (@veganproteins) is a famous vegan bodybuilder who is inspiring people all over the world. Dani Taylor is a vegan health coach and fitness instructor from California. She has established herself as an influential vegan female in the health and bodybuilding scene due to her strong vegan values and enthusiasm for assisting others. Her objective is to promote female wellness and change the notion of veganism as being primarily concerned with animal welfare.

Her distinctive vegan bodybuilding program focuses on increasing muscle mass with a plant-based diet, resetting hormones for improved overall female health, dispelling the myth that veganism cannot support healthy muscle gain and maintenance, and encouraging more people to try vegan diets. Dani’s excellent physique despite her restricted diet just goes to prove that smart vegan nutrition can lead to fantastic results!

5. Natalie Matthews

Natalie Matthews vegan female bodybuilder

Natalie Matthews (@fitveganchef), IFBB PRO, is a remarkable vegan bodybuilder and plant-based fitness enthusiast who is altering our perceptions of health, energy, and body fat. Natalie has committed her life to actively improving the lifestyles of athletes by assisting them in getting the most out of their bodies through a vegan lifestyle. She assists other vegan athletes in improving their heart health and energy levels so that they can get the most out of their workouts. Natalie Matthews is an inspiring vegan role model with an unrivaled enthusiasm for vegan athletes and a passion for health! 

6. Kim Constable

Kim Constable female plant based bodybuilder

Kim Constable is a vegan dietician and plant-based nutrition advisor who has helped countless athletes achieve their health and physique goals throughout the years. She understands how correct nutrition, food selection, and diet a significant impact on a person’s life can have, making her one of the most sought-after vegan dieticians in the industry. Kim explains how veganism is not only about personal ethics, but also about knowing which meals are best for one’s health.

She feels that veganism is more than simply a shortcut to good eating; it can enable us to live a full life free of physical illnesses caused by certain foods.

7. Stefanie Moir

stefanie moir female vegan bodybuilder

Stefanie Moir is the founder of GoalGetters, an online coaching platform focusing on vegans and those with a plant-based diet. She is a champion for female athletes. She has used her substantial expertise and experience to act as a consultant to many women wishing to make changes in their diet and lifestyle habits, in addition to being a known competitor in the field of plant-based nutrition and fitness.

Stefanie is also a well-known pro card veggie athlete who has been meat-free for over 20 years. Stefanie Moir is an encouraging individual for everyone trying to enhance their health – vegan or not – through plant-based nutrition and animal-friendly living, thanks to her extensive experience. Her experience benefits not only vegans, but anyone interested in embracing this lifestyle that is environmentally friendly by providing more food options and recipes than ever before!

8. Jehina Malik

Jehina Malik female vegan bodybuilder

Vegan chef Jehina Malik (@ifbbprojehina) is dedicated to improving women’s health. She believes in a holistic approach to wellness and uses her plant-based diet recipes and menu plans to help combat weight loss, fatigue, and loss of energy due to unhealthy eating. Jehina also works with animals by offering nutritious vegan foods that support their well-being.

She also provides training on vegan diet and ways it can enhance your daily lifestyle. Her emphasis is on how adopting a vegan diet may lead to an overall feeling of increased energy and well-balanced meals that are good for the world and individuals wishing to incorporate vegan food into their daily lives.

9. Lilian Aguilar

Lilian Aguilar plant based female bodybuilder​

Lilian Aguilar (@liliandaguilar) is a professional vegan bodybuilder who encourages people to embrace a plant-based diet and lifestyle. Lilian believes in the amazing transformation her body has experienced due to plant-based eating and regularly shares her journey through Instagram and YouTube. Her articles cover vegan meal ideas, workout videos, health-related subjects like vegan protein sources, and transitional advice to a healthier way of life.

Lilian will inspire you to eat a vegan diet in order to gain muscle and stay healthy with her refreshingly real material!

10. Julia Hubbard

Julia Hubbard woman vegan bodybuilder

Incredible vegan Julia Hubbard has gained national attention in the food world. She is dedicated about demonstrating the effectiveness of vegan protein, which she has done by completely changing her physique through weight growth and spectacular powerlifting feats.

Julia has spent years researching vegetarian nutrition and offers suggestions based on scientific data on how to use it as a foundation for various plant-based diets. Her dedication to nutrition, fitness, and health has aided in the advancement of veganism as a lifestyle.

11. Crissi Carvalho

Crissi Carvalho female vegan bodybuilder

Crissi Carvalho (@veganfitnessmodel) is one of the IFBB Pro figure competitors and vegan food trainer. She’s one of the biggest vegan protein sources around, making it easy to find vegan meals for everyone at every level. In order to support her bodybuilding lifestyle, Crissi keeps a vegan meal plan that includes some of the best vegan meals available and includes lean meat and veggies. 

She also offers vegan meal preparation services, ensuring that she always has organic food on hand and prepared for competitions. Crissi Carvalho offers her skills and knowledge when it comes to vegan nutrition, whether you’re looking for vegan cuisine for yourself or coaching from a professional bodybuilder.

12. Samantha Shorkey

Samantha Shorkey vegan female bodybuilder

From Vancouver, Canada, comes Samantha Shorkey (@samshorkey), an inspirational vegan dietary educator and women’s health trainer. She is a sought-after expert in her profession due to her mission to teach the fundamentals of vegan nutrition and plant-based cooking to others.

Samantha has created vegan courses for universities and educational institutions using her more than ten years of experience in vegan cooking and nutritional consulting. You can discover suggestions for vegan meals and advice on how to maximize the nutritional value of plant-based foods on her website.

Additionally, she maintains an internet shop where she distributes vegan treats to clients all over the world. What began as a vegan passion project has grown into a successful company that supports the promotion of wholesome vegan lifestyles across North America.

13. Shelli Beecher-Seitzler

Shelli Beecher seitzler female vegan bodybuilder

Vegan chef, body coach, and trainer Shelli Beecher-Seitzler (@vegan_wnbfpro) assists people in achieving their fitness and health objectives. Since she has been a vegan for eight years, Shelli has developed a talent for creating delectable vegan dishes. According to Shelli, if vegan cuisine is made widely available, more people will select for it, which will improve conditions for animals, the environment, and everyone’s general health.

Her website is jam-packed with wholesome vegan meal planning, workouts using only your body weight, and other resources. Shelli provides counseling so that clients can take charge of their diet and physical well-being without experiencing deprivation or stress. She not only gives her customers outstanding support, but also prods them to give healthy eating and self-care top priority. Overall, Shelli’s goal is to inspire others to lead a healthy vegan lifestyle by providing them with tons of delicious vegan food.

14. Anastasia Zinchenko

Anastasia Zinchenko female vegan bodybuilders

Female vegan bodybuilder Anastasia Zinchenko @sciencestrength has revolutionized the vegan community with her inventive vegan food inventions. She specializes in developing vegan dishes that are simple to create, especially for individuals with little experience in the kitchen. Through her training, she acts as a base for nutrition and guidance for aspiring vegan bodybuilders.

She has left her impact on vegan culture and the world of vegan athletes for a variety of reasons, one of which being her enthusiasm for creating delicious vegan food for everyone to enjoy.

15. Erin Fergus

Female vegan bodybuilder Erin Fergus

Erin Fergus is an avid vegan chef and cookbook author with a passion for discovering vegan recipe after vegan recipe and making vegan meals enjoyable for everyone. She created a vegan menu for festivals, events, and special occasions in New York City as her life’s work.

Erin promotes the diversity of vegan cuisine through the recipes in her cookbooks and the foods offered at her vegan events. Erin makes truly original vegan dishes that are bold in flavor without sacrificing taste, focusing on plant-based components like mushrooms, nuts, and grains to replace conventional animal products present in non-vegan cuisine.

16. Leah Coutts

Leah Coutts bodybuilder vegan female

Aside from being a bodybuilder, Leah Coutts is a vegan lifestyle expert and meal planner who promotes a vegan lifestyle to people all over the world. She has almost eight years of vegan experience and loves to share her knowledge to make the transition to a vegan lifestyle easier for others.

Leah is enthusiastic about educating people about veganism and demonstrating how simple it is to live a delicious, sustainable, healthy, and enjoyable vegan lifestyle. She shares advice on how to make veganism approachable for everyone through her blog, videos, and recipes while encouraging more mindful eating practices that are more respectful of animals, the environment, and our bodies.

17. SuzAnne Llano

Suzanne Llano vegan female bodybuilders

SuzAnne Llano is a vegan chef, nutritionist, and wellness coach who inspires her followers to lead healthy lives. Her work focuses on encouraging individuals to make conscious decisions about their nutrition and lifestyle in order to spread vegan consciousness throughout the world. Towards the end of 2020, she published her vegan cookbook, “The Vegan Eating Well Cookbook,” which includes more than 150 vegan dishes with an emphasis on frugality and healthy choices.

Major vegan media outlets like crueltyfreekitty.com, onegreenplanet.org, vegan food and living, and plant based news have conducted interviews with her. SuzAnne is involved in all facets of veganism, and she adopts a positive outlook on the lifestyle that appeals to many people seeking healthier lifestyles for both their own well-being and the welfare of the earth as a whole.

18. Victoria Lissack

Victoria Lissack woman vegan bodybuilder

Vegan bodybuilder Victoria Lissack is causing a stir in the vegan fitness scene. She is not only vegan for dietary reasons; she also practices veganism because she is convinced of its ability to preserve and protect the environment.

Since going vegan in 2017, Victoria has been passionate about health and fitness, gaining over 22,000 Instagram followers to establish herself as a prominent figure in the vegan fitness community. Her work as an online coach and personal trainer has been crucial in educating individuals from all walks of life about sustainable living and the need of making food choices that are good for the environment.

18. Maayan Eliasi

Maayan Eliasi woman vegan bodybuilder

Maayan Eliasi is an inspiring vegan bodybuilder from Houston, Texas. She has been a vegan for more than 8 years and attributes her improved health and way of life to it. She is confident that anyone can live a vegan lifestyle and achieve their fitness goals in a sustainable manner that benefits the earth.

Maayan uses powerlifting, CrossFit, and vegan diets to constantly work on enhancing her physical capabilities. In addition to training her body, she loves spending time speaking out on veganism and showing others how great life can be as a vegan. Maayan is living proof that going vegan isn’t simply a fad; it can actually be used to help you get physically stronger while also doing good for the planet!

20. Jang Ji-eun

Jang Ji-eun​ Danjiaang vegan women bodybuilders

South Korean vegan bodybuilder Jang Ji-eun (@danjiaang) is evidence that veganism and athleticism are not incompatible. She is a certified World Natural Bodybuilding Federation judge, vegan nutritionist, and fully vegan bodybuilder, winning many titles and competitions over the years – all while honorably being true to her vegan values. Her inspirational story demonstrates to us that a strong, healthy physique is still attainable without using animal products.

She also promotes veganism and has participated in numerous public speaking events to raise awareness of its advantages. Definitely a symbol of mental, emotional, and physical toughness!

21. Laurel Annabel

Laurel Annabel vegan woman bodybuilder

Fitness fanatic Laurel Annabel (@laurelbergeron) has devoted her life to pursuing a healthy vegan lifestyle. She manages a vegan lifestyle site where she provides vegan recipes, stories, and resources to encourage people to pursue a vegan lifestyle. She is a certified vegan bodybuilder. Her commitment to bodybuilding and training supports her passion for veganism. She enjoys sharing her vegan journey with the globe while working out in her free time.

Her passion for motivating others to live healthier lifestyles while taking advantage of everything that veganism has to offer stems from her extensive knowledge of health and nutrition.

Vegan Bodybuilder Female Questions

You may have some questions about the vegan female bodybuilder lifestyle. Here are some frequently asked questions we have answered.

What Do Female Vegan Bodybuilders Eat?

After a full view of the great vegan bodybuilders of our time, let’s now look into what their diet is and what they eat in order to maintain their great physique, strength and good health.

Vegan diets, which include meals free of animal products such fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, and nuts, are popular among female bodybuilders (like the ones we have listed). Additionally, vegan bodybuilders frequently add vegan protein shakes and vegan protein bars to their diets in order to meet the required macronutrients for muscle growth.

For healthy growth and muscle development, these vegan meal plans contain a balance of essential nutrients like iron, Omega 3 fatty acids, and B12 vitamins. Many female vegan bodybuilders are feeling healthier and gaining strength while still upholding their vegan philosophies with vegan gym snacks and an overall balanced diet full of abundant sources of vegan protein. But how exactly do they get enough of this protein?

How Do Vegan Bodybuilders Get Enough Protein?

Through vegan sources such beans, lentils, and tofu, vegan bodybuilders can support the development of their muscles and meet their dietary protein needs. Legumes are an excellent vegan-friendly substitute for animal proteins like whey and egg whites since they contain all nine necessary amino acids. Vegan proteins derived from plants have additional health advantages because they are high in vitamins and minerals and low in saturated fat.

Additionally, for vegan proteins that are nutrient-dense, vegan bodybuilders can turn to hemp seeds, wheat gluten, seitan, quinoa, nuts, and nut butters. Bodybuilders who follow a vegan diet might reach their fitness objectives by carefully arranging vegan meals that provide adequate protein per serving.

What Does a Female Vegan Bodybuilder Diet Look Like?

Overall, a vegan bodybuilding diet looks a lot like any other bodybuilding diet, with a vegan twist! When you eat vegan, you give up red meat and other animal products like dairy and eggs in favor of plant-based sources of energy including fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, and soy-based proteins. Include a variety of proteins in every meal to make sure your vegan diet gives you all the nutrients and proteins you need to gain muscle mass. Consuming adequate amounts of plant-based fats is essential for maintaining satiety and consuming the right number of calories for your body type. While female vegan bodybuilders can meet their nutritional objectives with careful planning and management of their macronutrient intake (carbs, protein, and fat).

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